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Constructing a Jewelry Chest

See below for replacement top


I have been asked to construct a custom jewelry chest.  These images provide some of the detail but a lot more is hidden.

All drawers are of 5/8 inch baltic birch plywood with dovetail joints for all corners.  Drawer bottoms are of 1/8 inch baltic birch plywood.  This means that they are both strong and dimensionally stable

All drawers are mounted with steel full-extension glides which are fastened into a baltic birch plywood carcass.  Drawer faces are of solid birch wood with cove recesses turned on a lathe to provide a recess for wood ball drawer pulls.  These drawer faces are fastened to the front of the drawers with glue and with the screws that attach the drawer pulls.

The sides and top lid are solid birch wood panels.  The side panels are attached  from within the carcass by screws that are fitted through slots to allow for panel expansion or shrinkage.  The top panel / lid is hinged with a full-width piano hinge and has two dove-tail channels routed across the grain and are fitted with a matching oak spline that fits into the dovetail channel and projects a full inch into the upper tray area to give a strong-straightening  effect to a panel that is otherwise subject to warping.  These splines are  secured at one end with a screw but are free to allow the panel to move along the spline.  The legs are attached to the bottom carcass and are turned from solid birch wood.

Prior to adding hardware and mirror

Hardware added to door.  Two styles of hooks for belts / necklaces as required.  To avoid damage to panel face these items are attached using household "Goop", a strong silicone-type adhesive.


Mirror and hardware added

These images show the unit after the drawer interior has had "flocking" added.  This is done by painting on a blue glue into which short fibres are shot using a special air gun.  When dry this provides an attractive surface that protects jewelry that is placed on the surface.

Final chest lid with a floating panel inside a frame.  Images carved in wood. (Viewed from left side)  Click on image to see larger version

Final chest lid with a floating panel inside a frame.  Images carved in wood. (Viewed from front)  Click on image to see larger version