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Friendly Forest Happenings for 2019


Happy New Year from Gerald at Friendly Forest!

December 31 2018 Signing off for the year 2018, I decided to post a few of the images I captured with my camera during the month of December. We had many grey days as the Sun continued to visit the Souhern Hemisphere before its Post-Solstice return to this land. Some of those days and nights were with fog and the resulting hoar frost on everything.

There were also a few days, like today, when the Sun did look through our skies at the land it will soon re-visit and the white of a frost-covered forest is framed against a blue sky. It is when one compares the blue skies of this time of year with those of mid summer that one realizes just how much yellow light there is as the low-angled sun light is filtered by the atmosphere. These images were taken close to noon.


A few large aspen that have still survived the beaver attacks

To the North end of the pond

A bit further right of the image above. Note the long shadows from the trees on the South end of the pond.

To the North-East

Near the South East edge of the pond


Zooming in with the camera lense


Zooming out with the camera lens; taken off the edge of the deck


On a dark Saturday morning; the local moose shows itself along the inside of the pond


It pauses for a moment before ramming more of the dead tree trunks and then ambling off into the forest where some suitable browse could be found.




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