Gerald Regnitter

Friendly Forest

Box 289, Christopher Lake, Sask. SOJ ONO


Mr. John Wright, President & CEO SaskPower Corporation

2025 Victoria Ave Regina, Sask.

S4P OSI December 19, 2002


Mr. Wright:


SaskPower' s Land Officer Warren Folwark has been speaking to me on December 11 and Dec 19, 2002, requesting me to sign an agreement for work or an easement, to permit tree removal etc. on my land, LS 1, 2, SE 16, 53, 26, W 2nd with regard to a portion of the PA 8 Project.


I asked Mr. Folwark for his credentials as a representative of SaskPower authorized to sign agreements that have binding effect on SaskPower. He was unable to show me any such authorization.


After my experience with other SaskPower representatives I have come to understand that their verbal commitments are not honored by SaskPower. That has been my experience with one of your Vice-Presidents, Pat Youzwa, the Project Manager, Bernie Bolen, and your publicity spokesperson, Larry Christie. These individuals have stated that the routing of the line would not be on my land and that none of my trees would be affected by the project.


Clearly this is not so as your representative now is seeking my permission to remove a large number of trees from my titled property in addition to the tree removal on the road allowance adjacent to my titled land.


I am unwilling to enter into substantive discussions with someone who does not have demonstrable authority to speak for and sign agreements on behalf on SaskPower of a nature that the agreement will be binding on SaskPower now and into the future. Therefore I am requesting from you a letter indicating exactly who, from your Corporation, has such authority. I will then be prepared to deal with that individual.


The earth we have inherited is a sacred trust which we must guard and pass on to other generations. When we look around, we must ask, "What must 1 leave?" rather than the usual question, "What can I take?"


In my view SaskPower has violated that trust placed in it by our society and by God, but that violation by SaskPower does not relieve me of my responsibility to be a faithful steward of the trust that has been placed in me. In that regard, my further discussion with SaskPower will seek to maximize the mitigation of the environmental destruction your corporation will do, and where environment and my property must be destroyed, to seek reasonable compensation for that damage.


I await your timely response to my request.


Gerald Regnitter


cc: Mr. Kris Eggum, Eggum, Abrametz & Eggum 101 - 88 13th St. East, Prince Albert, Sask. S6V 1C6

Letter to SaskPower December 19, 2002