Office of the President

December 27, 2002

Mr. Gerald Regnitter

Friendly Forest

Box 289 Christopher Lake, Saskatchewan sojosi

Dear Mr. Regnitter:

Thank you for your letter of December 1 9, 2002 regarding Mr. Folwark s signing authority.

For reasons of consistency, the number of signing officers within SaskPower is kept to a minimum. Mr. Folwark, as one of SaskPower s Land Officers, does not have the authority to sign documents under the corporate seal. A corporate signing officer would, however, rely on Mr. Folwark s recommendation with regards to entering into agreements with landowners on the PA8 line. SaskPower, where it is practical to do so, will do its best to address your concerns.

Leaving trees standing, which have the potential to affect the safe operation ofthe power line, is not an option.

Therefore, the selective cutting of trees on your property is required. It is my understanding that Mr. Folwark has presented you with three options for your consideration and that one ofthe options entails the signing of an easement agreement. If you are not comfortable signing our agreement in its present form, please forward a draft revision to Mr. Foiwark for consideration.

It is also my understanding that you have been offered compensation for either the granting of an easement or for a temporary work space agreement and that reasonable compensation has been offered for the merchantable timber, which by necessity, will be harvested from your property.

Please direct any inquiries regarding this matter to Warren Folwark at (306) 566-301 5, collect.

Yours sincerely, John Wright,

President and Chief Executive Officer

2025 Victoria Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4P OS1 Fax: 306/566-3523 Tel: 306/566-3103

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