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December 23, 2002

Gerald Regnitter

P.O. Box 289 Christopher Lake, SK. SOJ ONO


Dear Sir: RE: PA8 138 kV Transmission Line LSD 1 & 2 of SE 16-53-26 W2

Further to our meeting on December 19, 2002, I have enclosed, as per your request, a copy of the staking sheet which indicates the placement and height of the structures which will be built in the road allowance south of the above captioned property. As we discussed, the centerline of the power line will be approximately 19.5 metres (64 feet) south of the south boundary of your property.

This is also to confirm that SaskPower will endeavor to gather the placards attached to the trees that will be harvested to facilitate construction and operation of the powerline. The placards will be mailed to the person named on them. As we discussed, this may be very difficult as many of the names and addresses are illegible. We appreciate your offer to supply SaskPower with the names and addresses of the people on the placards. Please forward the list to Bernie Bolen, SaskPower Environmental Issues Management, 2025 Victoria Avenue, Regina, SK. S4P OS 1 or email bbolen@saskpower.com.

You had indicated during our meeting that you will not grant SaskPower an easement on your land unless the wording of the agreement meets with your approval. Please provide me with a version of an agreement that would suit your needs. I will have SaskPower s Law Department review it.

As we had discussed in our meetings there are three options available to you.

1) grant SaskPower an easement on your land.

2) grant SaskPower a Temporary Work Space License Agreement.

3) if you do not wish to grant either of the above, the work will proceed via statutory means.

Work is scheduled to begin January 6, 2003.

Yours truly,

W.W. (Warren) Folwark Land Officer

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SaskPower Threatens again, a letter from Warren Folwark