A "Soap Box" Perspective / "Rant"

This "rant" was a reaction to  a news item  indicating an "investigaqtion" of Women Religious in the U.S.


Vatican Inquisition in 21st Century ?



A Letter to the Editor
The Prairie Messenger
May 6, 2009

Re: Vatican needs to acknowledge sisters’ long history of service

The Editor:

In the April 22 special issue of the Prairie Messenger, men and women are asked to consider a call by God to a life of service to the church and to personal holiness through religious life or the priesthood. An article on page 2 informs us that the Vatican is going to do a “doctrinal assessment” of American sisters to “report on initiatives taken or planned” to promote church teaching on the exclusive male character of the priesthood, the primacy of the Catholic Church over other Christian denominations, and the “problem of homosexuality.”

Perhaps the “investigation” needs a location in which it can be effectively carried out. I hear that the American Guantanamo Bay facility will soon be available for “enhanced interrogation techniques” that date to earlier history of this Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith/Holy Office/Inquisition.

If the Vatican wants to investigate American women’s religious orders I would suggest they investigate the selfless giving and heroic demonstrations of love for Jesus and his people that sisters have shown over many generations. Perhaps the Vatican congregation could investigate the many under-recognized contributions to education, health care and the poor by these sisters. Once properly investigated, the Vatican congregation can then acknowledge that these religious orders are powerful examples of how the rest of the church should be fulfilling the mission of Christ.

With this Vatican “encouragement” for vocations I guess the Holy Spirit just has more work to do.

— Gerald Regnitter, Christopher Lake, Saskatchewan