Custom Birch box with fall-colour leaves added. 14 X 10 X 3.75 inches.  Special order item.  Several unfinished  box units  are in stock. Ref: GR2508MB 



Right: Black Walnut chest made as a custom order. Birch wood blocking around base, leather strap fasteners. Ref: Helfrick Chest Walnut


Guardian Vase

Left: Spalting Birch Vase, 10" diameter. Ref. Guardian 4 Vase.

Right:  Dye burst on spruce; 12 " diam.  Poly-resin finish (Reserved at FF)


Left:  Pyrography decoration on lids of 6 of the storage boxes.  Right:  Two  boxes, with one opened showing french Rolling Pin and  half-folded pastry cloth. All units of this series have been sold.

Pair of Black Walnut and Birch Cremation Urns. Each has an open compartment at the top to hold personal items that a client wants to keep with the Cremains. The wood has been cut in a manner that has a continuous grain flow around all four corners. Ref: Rampart Urns

Spalting Birch bowl with very thick walls and a lid. The third piece from the Guardian Tree. This item has vivid greens and yellow patterning as well as rich, dark browns and blacks. Ref: Lean 9


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Rotation images of an Aspen burl bowl. Wind knocked over a large Aspen and when I was removing it from the trail I noted a burl growing on the side. I salvaged it and was able to create this piece. 8 inch diameter. Ref: Aspen Burl 1 Reserved at FF
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To the Right is another plate with  Friendly Forest plant images superimposed by a Sacred Hoop image.  The process of adding the images to this plate is  illustrated  in several photos on my Wood and Shop Page. ,Ref #: 2390 PL Reserved at FF.

Left:  Hoop Plate with just the plant images burned into the raw wood.  To the upper right is the finished version.

Left: Cremation Urn, Custom Order; Black Walnut with Walnut, Birch and Red Cedar band. Three inch deep storage space under hinged lid for special items. Cremains secured in lower portion above screwed-on base.

Left InipiWolf -2.  This version  superimposed on a Sacred Hoop image. Reserved at FF.

All are on birch wood plates.  , Right: Inipi Wolf 3

Although each image comes from the same  basic outline, they have taken on differences during the wood burning process.  I used a black and white photograph of Wolf to make these images.  Each seems to have taken on its own life in the images.

Custom items: Left, Birch memory box with turtle image added to lid. Sold. Right: Custom chest with name and wheat stalks added. Black Walnut with birch block pattern around bottom perimeter.
Left: I usually keep a limited selection of Cremation Urns in stock. They are a variety of woods and styles and can be customized as was the case with the one shown on the left. The uusual style is similar to this one and has a storage area under the top to place personal objects / mementos that people wish to keep with the ashes. Although I prefer advance orders with specific requirments, this is not always possible and is the reason I do keep some units in stock. However, that means slection is also limited. 
Memory Box Chest, custom order item. Birch and Black Walnut. L 22 X W 13.5, H 13 inches. Name and leaves in pyrography. Leather strapping with snap closures, full length hinge
Spalting Birch bowl with deep "fold-over" rim; 11" diameter. Ref: Guardian-2Bowl 




Right: Spalting Birch and Purple heart vase



Left: Ref. Guardian Bowl 6

Right: Birch Flange with Aspen leaves. 14" diameter, centre bowl 5" diameter Ref. Birch Flange 1

Fall Leaves 3

Left:15" diameter platter with Sacred Hoop and wreath of fall forest leaves. Ref. FF Leaves 4.