Memory Box Chests


Many years ago I was asked to make a small box to be used as a place to place baby memory items.  I was asked to make it look like a treasure chest.  I considered  construction issues and went to Lee Valley to purchase  a set of  cove and bead router bits so that I could make interocking slats that could form a solid curved lid.  At the time I did not realize  how many additional such "Memory Boxes" of that style I would be asked to make.  I have made them in vafrious sizes  and for all kinds of purposes, though the "memory box" function seems to be the most enduring purpose.

I have a few that I use at Friendly Forest; to hold string and cord, to hold file folders in which I sort my montly  bills and invoices awaiting entry into a computer program, a chest to hold napkin rings and napkins, and another that hold  special books awaiting time to be read.  I did not have any for sale  over the past year.  Then I started to get requests and I started to make some more.

Essentially, the chest is a box with one domed  side.  The domed side is  cut off and hinged  to the main part.  I add leather strapping  for decorative effect though it is not needed for strength.  The  straps  are made of  cow hide and dyed a suitable colour using the aniline dyes I use for various pruposes.  I have added low-relief carvings or added decorative effect by  laminating different woods and patterned woods  into the boards that I use for the  box sides.  

As arthritis has limited my capacity to do the carving, I have  shifted to pyrography to add decoration or other detail to ther boxes.  I  especially like to  add images of plants that  live here in this forest land.  The natural , and yet abstract character of fallen leaves and ground over plants is an ever-changing  kaidescope of colour and images that give inspiration for the decorations.  I will add images of  the decoration sequence of three custom boxes completed in Novemeber 2013.  At another time I might photograph the construction sequence as well and add those images.


# 1.  One unit; back, face,left side, right side, left / front angle, right / back angle images

# 2.  One unit; back, face,left side, right side, left / front angle, right / back angle images

# 3.  One unit; back, face,left side, right side, left / front angle, right / back angle images
Custom "Office in a Box" chest.  This was a request for  letter size hanging files in a box with Birch and Walnut wood and a leaf frieze .  The following images are the chest  with the images  added with pyrography, the wood was then sealed with several coats of laquer, and then a base coat of  transparent yellow aniline dye was added.  After that  green, orange and red were added and blended.  The  BearBerry berries are red and the Chokecherries are a mix of red and blue dye colours. 


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