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The Forest Fringe Citizens's Coalition (to which Gerald belongs) was invited to consider the Forest Stewardship Council of Canada's Boreal Forest Standards document and provide reaction. The Saskatchewan Eco-Network invited us to meet with Marc Thibault of the Forest Stewardship Council to learn about the public input process.

We were very interested and acquired the large draft document and studied it, and then later met with a representative of the Saskatchewan Eco Network (SEN) to discuss our reactions. Gerald was asked to draft a response document which then was sent out to other SEN member groups for consideration and ratification.

We argue for a single certification process for all public forest lands in Saskatchewan and recommend FSC as the certifiction agent.

The document that Gerald prepared and sent to FSC and to Saskatchewan political leaders can be read by clicking here.

A rich source of documentation about forests and forest ecology and the forest certification process can be found at the FSC Documentation link:

The Canadian Council for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) Saskatchewan Office, inited Gerald Regnitter to make a presentation to its Commission  which is holding hearings in preparation of its annual Citizens' Alternate Budget.  Gerald met with other members of the FFCC to prepare a submission, and then presented it to the Commission on December 8, 2005 in Prince Albert.  The submission, focusing to past and present concerns about forestry policy in Saskatchewan, can be found by clicking here.

View from Prince Albert, Crutwell / Nisbett fire summer 2002. Photo Dan Kerslake of CBC

Fires a benefit for old forests?

Challenging the concept of Forests as a carbon sink.

An example of Government putting interests of Industry before that of sustainable forests; a concern for all!

TRN is working to support local struggles and strengthen the cooperation between individuals, NGOs and indigenous peoples and nations concerned with the protection, restoration and sustainable use of the world's boreal forests by means that ensure the integrity of natural processes and dynamics. Use link at left to make contact.

National Forest Strategy (2003-2008) Draft 2

Your chance for input to the next National Forest Strategy!

Logging Concerns; a Letter to Media by Gerald Regnitter

July 31, 2003