A Forest Walk, September, 2011

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The autumn of 2011 has been wonderfully unusual for this area. The late summer and fall have been dry and sunny and warmer than normal, and we have had only two nights of frost till today, September 28. As a result trees have changed colour gradually and with an intensity that is also unusual. I took the camera out on several occassions; once in late afternoon and at another time in early morning as the sun was just beginning to rise and spread its golden ight through the branches and leaves. A walk along new trail and old trail gave me many of these images. As usual, what is missing the sheer scale of the views, the perspective rising to the skies along 85 foot aspen, or the rich aromas of sugars forming in the autumn plant leaves and the early scents of leaf decay. To experience the whole thing you need to plan a visit to Friendly Forest, or any of our northern forests at this time of year.