Later in the day it clouded over and  we had a heavy thunderstorm with one-inch-sized hailstones.  This was a day following on Full Moon.


July 23, 2013.  The sun was just about to rise  through the trees on the East side of the pond at Friendly Forest.  I had just concluded morning smudge prayers and the mosquitoes had started to locate me and were calling their mates for a full attack.  I hurried inside and picked up the camera to capture a few images that I show here.  These are thumbnails and can be clicked for a larger view.



Puffball mushrooms along Freedom Way

An attractive combination of species

Forest understory vegetation is the first to prepare for winter.

Wildrose and Dogwood side by side

First colours of late summer in forest understory

A few pincherries with dew beads just before the birds ate them.

When we look at a forest from a horizontal level we often fail to recognize the intense vertical competition for available sunlight.

Partial breaks in a stand of dense spruce permit some moss growth at Prayer Place.

Late afternoon sun comes earlier in September

My shop roof in view at the end of hike