A portion of Freedom Way that once was part of a logging trail. When trees are in leaf a gothic arch alley is formed



A portion of trail along Freedom Way. During years of moisture, a great place for puff ball mushrooms.

Entrance to a short trail loop to "Prayer Place". A stand of dense white spruce with moss and lichen forest floor.

A "bush stool" rest hangs on a tree waiting for a weary hiker to take a rest. The design comes from farm milking stools.

Portion of trail that SaskPower needless destroys.


The trails are a basic web around the pond. This is one view when you come on to the Pond Loop trail.

If you use the eyes of your heart, you will find true gold and real riches under your feet and before your eyes!

A friend Lynn and my good companion King share a moment of friendship.

Photo by Larry Easton

The home I built at Friendly Forest. It is backed into a hill overlooking the pond. This is the view when arriving. Photo by Larry Easton

Although moose deer and elk spend time in Friendly Forest, this photo was taken along the Highway a few kilometers north.

Photo by Lorraine Brokop


A telephoto view across the pond. Photo taken in late September.

Photo by Larry Easton



A Marian statue sits on a wooden block in the trail loop known as "Prayer Place." A spot of quiet and beauty that supports spiritual reflection.

Photo by Larry Easton