Friendly Forest Images from September and Early October 2016

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Canada Geese, and ducks prepare for migration further South



Mid September with early colour changes

When colours change, they do so rapidly. Coming in off the Highway at 411 Hwy 2



Pincher leaves in full glory. The pincherry by the deck fell to the rapacious appetites of the Beaver at the end of October, as did the Chokecherry and many other shrubs and trees. Their pantry is very large. A long winter?

Hazelnuts were the first understory plants to begin the colour change.


On October 3 the rain started and became snow ... 42 cm of a very heavy variety that flattened all of the under story and also took down many other trees

In early November, after a month of snow, rain, ice storms and fog that reminded me more of the West Coast of Canada than the Saskatchewan Forests, we have had some warm weather and much of the snow has melted. I have been out with chainsaw to try to clear the fallen trees that came down in the wet snow. The snow came with a wind that loaded one side of the trees more than the other and that weighted the trees and caused some to snap, others to bend over onto the ground, and others to be uprooted. I had done a lot of work to have cleared trails for winter snow shoe walking, and if I can clear the damaged trees the trails might be useable after all.