View of my house from the pond side taken before I had built the deck. One Sunday morning a cow moose and her calf browsed along the slope just in front of my windows.



Winter view from living room window. On a day like this one, it invites me to strap on my snowshoes and take a hike on the trails. I do that even when I don't feel the invitation!

A February morning. Two whitetail deer came out along the far side of the pond to have their picture taken. This view is from my dining room window. I was warm.

Our winter days have very little sunlight, and this day cloud blocked most of that. Along one of my snow shoe trails.

Another snow shoe trail. My first dog "Thrum" comes racing to answer my call. He was an Airedale Terrier.

Frost and winter sunshine make for incredible views. This is toward the north, from my dining room window.

During my early years I did not feed birds, but I have broken down and now have a large variety and large number of winter feeders.

Photo taken in early winter. I was looking across a pond not yet frozen over. A view like this takes your breath away!

Intended for birds, a raiding Marten gets some of the suet which I hang in mesh bags on some birch branches on my deck.