Reflections of the Spirit

March 21, 2004  (Peace Rally presentation in Prince Albert)


I composed myself for prayer. I had been thinking about the bombing in Madrid, and the nearly daily accounts of bombings in Iraq. I remembered that we were going to be commemorating anti-racism week and reflected on why we even needed to focus on the elimination of hatred to fellow human beings.

I asked Creator why things like this were happening now as they had for thousands of years. “Creator, have you given your human children evil hearts? I know that you have given us good hearts. I see how we care about each other and how we share what we have both in direct actions and through our organized human communities. If we can be so kind and loving with the people we consider “our tribe’, within ‘our people’, why can we not also behave and feel that way toward all your two-legged creatures?”

As I was praying about this Eagle came to me. Eagle is the one being made by Creator that flies higher than all others and which also has the best vision and can see clearly for great distances. Eagle is one of my Spirit helpers.

Eagle spoke to me; ” It is not that Creator’s two-legged creatures have evil hearts. Nothing that Creator has made is evil. Creator is good and can only share what Creator is. No, do not look to the human heart for the answer to your question. To understand why things are so you need to consider that human eyes are not very good. Human eye sight works well at close range, but at any distance, things get small and little detail can be seen. And as the human children of Creator get older, it seems as if their eyesight gets even worse. That has always been so.”

Eagle also told me; “The human heart is a strange thing too. It is good and it has the capacity for great love. It is also the heart of a warrior. Come with me and I will show you what I am trying to teach you.”

With that, Eagle, who like Creator is not limited by space and time but holds space and time within Creator, took me to a valley strangely familiar, a valley many years ago where by fathers and grandfathers lived. I could see them but they could not see me, and Eagle let me see through the clear eyes of Eagle. I saw that the people of that valley understood that they had to share what they had and what they obtained from their hunt and from their land. As they shared with those who were old or sick or the young, they knew that this love would one day be there for them.

When they shared what the Mother Earth provided, they were sharing the love and the gifts that they had received from Creator. They cared so much for their own people that their warrior hearts beat faster when they thought about the strangers from the neighbouring valleys and how they might come and rob and pillage and kill The People. Young men trained in the arts of war so that they would be ready to protect what they had been given and the people whom they loved. At times they so feared what could happen that they went to the next valley and robbed and killed and destroyed their “enemy” before it could be done to The People.

On their return to their own valley they carried their own dead and wounded and there was great lament and grieving by the families of those who had fallen. And those who had killed had been face to face with another human child of Creator. Within their hearts they knew that they had done evil. So the warriors painted their faces black and went into mourning for their loss of innocence and for the spirits of those who they had killed. Those who did not show proper respect and honour to those they had killed would often be visited in the night by the Spirits of the dead and so would wake in terror and sadness for what they had done.

It took the prayers of many to help them know that they had killed because of the love they had for their own people, and for the Spirits of the dead to find rest with Creator.

“Eagle,” I said, “these hearts acted out of love and did evil. Why does this happen?”

Eagle did not answer but took me higher and I could see more valleys beside the valley in which my fathers and grandfathers lived, and I saw other peoples in those valleys. I could see them with Eagle’s eyes and could hear them with Eagle’s ears. I soon saw that they also loved their people and had the same hearts made for love and hearts of warriors. The people in some valleys were red, some were black, some were yellow and some were while, but all had the same hearts made for love and the hearts of warriors, and all had the same poor eye sight that did not let them see well at a distance.

As Eagle carried me higher I began to see the earth below me change, and I knew that we were also moving forward in time. I began to see the valleys get larger and the people who lived in them being of many colours and of many languages. I could see that they created great councils to discuss the sharing of the gifts of Creator given through Mother Earth. And in these large valleys there was not war and the only evil was from individuals who did not walk the path of Creator and who did not allow their vision to extend beyond their own personal greed and lusts. They did not look to the needs of the People. Sometimes however, there were great battles between the people of one large valley and another large valley. Now they had planes and rockets and bombs and chemicals and diseases with which they tried to kill the people of the other valleys.

I saw this with Eagle’s eyes and with Eagle’s ears I could hear the cries of great anguish from the suffering of many people and great groans from Mother Earth itself as its beauty was defiled and its richness squandered so that many peoples were not clothed or fed or sheltered from the hot sun or the cold north winds. The riches taken from Mother Earth were being used to make the planes and the rockets and the bombs. Mother Earth cried and her cries rose through the heaven as Eagle carried me ever higher.

We were high above the earth, and I could not breath. Eagle assured me; “Do not worry, Creator supports our lives and you will not need to breathe air while you are with me.”

Then I saw with Eagle’s eyes, and I saw an immense back sky with small steady lights and in the midst of the sky that I saw I saw a most beautiful and wondrous ball. Most of it was blue with wispy white clouds, and green and brown and white masses of lands in which the valley’s were no longer distinguishable. No longer could we see the mountain ranges that were borders between valleys,. No longer could we see the rivers that divided peoples, and no longer could we see the skin colours or hear the different languages that divided people. And Eagle said to me; “Look, this is how Creator sees the Earth. This is the vision that Creator had when the earth and all its creatures were made into being. This is the one home that Creator gave to all Creator’s children to whom Creator gave the same heart made for great love and the heart of a warrior.”

“The heart of the human creatures are all the same and they are made for caring for others and for fighting to protect the people and the earth from which life for the people comes. With the eyes of Creator the warrior hearts of the human children must fight all that would destroy the people and harm the earth on which all stand and from which all gifts of Creator come. There is much to be done to repair the damage already inflicted on the people and on the earth. There is much work for the warrior, and much grieving and healing to be done to allow the Spirits of those who have died in the wars to finally find rest with Creator. It is a huge task that is worthy of the heart Creator has given to each human child. It is a task worthy of a Rainbow Warrior.”

I was about to speak to Eagle when I suddenly found myself back in my living room, shaken, but encouraged by this great gift from Creator through Eagle.

I thank you Creator, Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka, Yahweh, and my Lord! . I thank you for Eagle and for all your gifts. Help me to see with the eyes of Eagle and love and with the heart of the warrior, with the heart made for love, do battle for all the people, and for the earth that sustains us.


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