Reflections of the Spirit


God is one, and is singular through eternity and into time. However, God's love for creation is so multidimensional that we have experienced God [ God has revealed himself] as Trinity.

First of all , God reveals himself as creator and supporter -- as protector and as Yahweh. Then, when humanity still floundered and failed to understand the love of God, God joins us as Son in the man Jesus. Jesus was man, completely, but he also was the revelation of God so fully that he was God. The dynamic of the love of Father and Son was the ultimate model of how we can relate to God. Through Jesus we find our sonship in God.

But Jesus, being a human, died and was the first born to be raised by the Father. This was when Jesus stepped out of time. But we are still in time and still struggling to create our own reality and still struggling to find our identity. God's love continues in a special way through the timeless love of father and son... in the spirit of Father and son, as Holy Spirit, who comforts and supports us individually and as a community of believers. As Spirit, we have the fullness of God's life and love poured out to us and in us. This is still the one God, but in another powerfully complete reality, as Spirit.

Now, God's love is intensely personal. And as we are persons God relates to us a person. But God's love is so total and so multi-dimensional, that we experience God as three persons loving us in these incredible personal ways. We are blessed with God's presence as Father, as brother Jesus, and as loving Spirit.

God's love is unchanging, but our capacity as human persons is so limited that we cannot experience the immensity of that love in a single personal relationship... God, who wants us to experience his love in all its splendour, comes to us as three persons... in time and in eternity... for they are the same in God.

Thank you my God for being with me today and for letting me see a bit more clearly how great is your love for me.... I need not be concerned about understanding.. just about being open enough to accept you. You surround me in every dimension. There is no opening for love that you have not asked to fill in me. Let me be open and welcoming of your presence to me.

Gerald Regnitter
June 6, 1993
21:40 hrs.

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