Hanblecheyapi site on Tobin Lake revisited June 2006

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Early morning looking down East Channel with the Waluta attached to the poplar tree which was directly in front of me during the 2004 Hanblecheyapi

Remnants of wooden bowl that held the wasna and shreds of corner flags  on the very edge of the drop-off.

Later in the morning a breeze came up and unfurled the waluta.

Putting the camera on zoom to get a closer look at the point where the river changes direction

Later in the afternoon I was caught in a thunder storm with hail.  As the storm passed I unpacked the camera and took this photo.

In alignment; the Poplar tree with the waluta attached, a wood bowl with a new offering of wasna, a cherry pipe rack with a filled canupa resting on it with the stem pointed East, and a blanket  with the Face of Creator shirt and the canupa bag.

The crown of the small poplar holding the waluta.

Just to the right were the majestic skeletons of a poplar and jack pine.

Another photo of the "altar with the Sacred Hoop deer hide, the smudge bowl, the smudge materials container and two rattles


Standing on the very edge, I pointed the camera down to the slump with one of its two beaver ponds in view.  The slump is still a good distance above the level of the River, and is well down from the point on which I sat, I estimate it to be about 30 or more metres above the River level.  Power boats looked very tiny from up there.

The day was special for me and helped me reconnect both physically and spiritually with what happened two years ago and also with what has happened to me since.  I believe I achieved a better understanding of some things I first was shown during the Hanblecheyapi.

This is a composite of a series of photos taken while pivoting a full 360 degrees.  The far left and far right of the image are to the West and the centre of the image is due East.  Click on this thumbnail to go to another page which will allow for a larger view of this special place.

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