Correspondence with Wakan Tanka / Elohim Yahweh
Spiritual Integration at the beginning of walking the Red Path


This is the reply to a letter asking about a personal integration of my Christian heritage and my new steps on the "Red Path".  My given traditional name is Candesna Cun Wakan Oksina / Sacred Tree, Sacred Hoop Boy

Thursday, March 11, 2004 7:19 PM

Hi Hoop Boy,

This is just to let you know that some of the questions you have been asking yourself have been heard by me too. For a while you wondered if I supported your new way of coming to know me and speaking to me. Well my "young" friend, you need not be concerned. Who do you think it was that set things up that way? Who do you think was answering your prayer of long ago ... you know the one .. the one where you said you wanted to come to see my face?

I have many faces and the way I have shown my Lakota children to come to see me is a very wide , a very rich and varied way, and comes closer to the answer to your question than you had ever imagined. Don't be surprised by that either, my ways are well beyond your imaginings.
I approve of your planned vision quest. It is a good idea. I approve of it, and I assure you that I will be there to hear you and I will help the eyes of your heart see what you need to see. You were rather quick to see the pretty obvious comparison between the story in Luke about my son going on his vision quest before he stepped forward to answer my call to tell the people who I really was for them. I don't want you to get cocky about having seen that parallel. After all, it was I who gave you that insight.

You are also right in coming to understand that I put words into your mouth and use you to speak about me to the children and other people I bring to you from time to time. Be careful in that role however. Remember that it is my word that needs to come forth from you, and you should be rather careful to avoid putting in place your own ideas that are not from me. I gave you the right idea the other night when you were praying with the Sacred Pipe I brought to you. You are not the bowl of that pipe. You are the wooden stem. That is a very important and honourable role. and you have power when you connect to the bowl which is my altar. You know what an altar is ... it is a sacred space through which I connect to you. When you join with that bowl I will hear the prayers of all my creatures that have come into that pipe. I rely on your cooperation and you lungs to carry the smoke of those prayers out , through the stem and into the air. That is a very honourable role, and I am counting on you.

The medicine wheel on the pond at Friendly Forest has received approval ratings from my flying children as they see it from above. You put out the grandmothers' flag on the tree. I see it, and I assure you that I hear your prayer. I need for you to trust in me and know that I care for all of my creatures with much more intensity than you can ever know. After all, as I let you know this afternoon, they are my creation, and the creator is always in creation. I am there, they are mine, and those good beings are loved and cared for. Do not try to understand it all. You will just get yourself too confused. Trust that I am here with you and that that is enough for you at this time.
You got a letter from Allan tonight. Read it carefully and listen to what he speaks to you from his heart, not just in his words. Remember when you reply that you leave room for him to hear me within your words too. Remember the name I gave you; Sacred Tree Sacred Hoop boy, and stand beside my Sacred Tree within the Sacred Hoop and direct his attention to the tree. The tree connects me with all of my creatures. I love all of my creatures, and I include Allan in that. I want him to know that. So be what I have named you.

Stay with me as I stay with you, and remain connected, and so because I am wakan, you too will be wakan.

Elohim Yahweh / Wakan Tanka


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