Correspondence with Wakan Tanka / Elohim Yahweh
Pipe Fast / Hanblecheyapi; A letter to Wakan Tanka / Yahweh from Candesna Cun Wakan Oksina / Gerald


Friday, June 04, 2004 8:31 PM

Hi Elohim_Yahweh,

I feel that I should now address you as Wakan Tanka as well.

As you know, I am going on a Pipe Fast on Sunday. I have been preparing for some months now, and I am quite eager about this. What am I expecting? At first I expressed it in rather cerebral terms; I wanted to figure out what I should be doing with your gifts now that I am clearly in the final stage of my life on this side. I saw the story of your Son Jesus doing his Quest in the desert and the temptations at the end as a model of any vision quest, and I guess that it is so. What the Gospel story left out though was what preceded the temptations to abuse the gifts. What kind of communication did he have with you? Did he see you face to face ? What kind of prayers did he send to you and how did you speak to him?

You know how I have declared to others that I saw my life journey as a journey in search of your face. That really is an incredibly presumptuous way of talking about it. Who am I do ever think that I even remotely had the capacity to see your face? The gulf between us is so vast , and yet there is no gulf at all for you are with me and in me, and I do have your very life that animates me. So what do I want to see that I have not already seen? What more could I have the capacity to see?

I recall the Jewish belief that no man could see the face of God and live. That Moses did see your face and forever had to keep his covered because his countenance was too bright for any other person to look upon. I am not in that league at all. I am not sure that it would be a desirable outcome in any case. But I do want to better see your face and better understand the life that you have placed within me and better learn how to pray to you and how to better recognize you in all of my brothers and sisters in creation and on Maka.

My friend is right. I should not focus on outcome and just be present in the moment that you give me there. What greater thing could I ask for? What greater experience could I ever have?
I ask you to be with my prayer partners; all of them, but especially with Ken and Don. Let this time of prayer be a soul-healing and enriching time for them as well. For my good and dear friend Joe who is so generously hosting us, I give you thanks and ask for your many gifts to be on him in abundance. For my worried and loving mother, let my father come to her and comfort her with the insight that he has now and from his knowledge of my journey with you.
I do not know where this red road is leading, but I thank you for placing my feet onto it.
If you wish, you can send an email to just talk to me, and in any case I hope you will be close to me and let me hear your voice and see your face in as far as I am able. Protect me and all of us. Let this prayer be for me and for all of the people whom you love.

With humility and yet great pride, I am

Candesna Cun Wakan Oksina / Gerald at Friendly Forest


Note:  The above letter was written a few days before I went to pray in the Pipe Fast overlooking Tobin Lake.  My letter / prayer was answered in a manner that was impossible for me to even imagine at the time I wrote the letter to Elohim /Yahweh/ Wakan Tanka.

Those four days of fasting and prayer, sleep and dreams, day visions and night visions was as nothing else in my physical or spiritual life before or after.  I was shown "the face of God" and also introduced to the many Spirit Guides who accompany me and support me all the days after that special time.  I do not write about the details of what happened but have been wiling to talk about some of it with those who I believe truly seek the Spirit in their own lives.  The related sections in "Hoop Boy", especially the materials about a Traditional Shirt  can provide a few clues to those who have the capacity to see and understand the clues. 

If you too are a seeker of the "face of God" and think that communicating with me about this might help you in your sacred / holy journey, contact me using the email address given on  my "Contact" page.  May Creator always be present to you and may the eyes of your heart always be open to see the one whose life is in you.  Gerald / Tree Guy / Hoop Boy

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