Correspondence with Wakan Tanka / Elohim Yahweh
Correspondence about Ecumenism

Gerald Regnitter at Friendly Forest

Where friends have trees, and trees have friends.

September 14, 1999

To Elohim Yahweh, God, Creator, Father,

Dear Father in Heaven,

The people at my former parish have asked me to talk to them about ecumenism. I really could use some help with this one. I think that they figure I know a little about it since we have been doing a few things with our fellow Christians in this community. The emphasis should be on “little”.

I know that you know all about this, and I could use your inspiration to know what to say. Could you let me know by mail or some other way?

Thanks, I know I can always count on you to help me do what you want me to do.

With you, your adopted son,


This is the reply I received, and which I in turn read to the people at St. Michael Parish in Prince Albert: 




September 22, 1999

To my loved son, Gerald,

You have prayed to me, God says. You have asked me for words for my people who gather at St. Michael on the evening of October 3. I will give you my words. I will give you these words to speak to my people. Tell them this:

I am, God says, their creator. I was before there was time. But for all eternity I knew them and I loved them. I loved them because I am love, God says. But these people have been such stubborn and strange creatures of mine. They are not at all like anything else that I have made. I made the sun and the stars. I made the moon and the planets. I made the earth, and I made all of them out of cosmic dust. And as grand as they all are, they obey the laws by which I created them.

But those human beings, how strange they are, God says, how strange are those creatures called human beings. But I know them, God says, for I have made them, and I know why they are so strange. I made them so that they did not have to exist according to any cosmic laws. I made them, God says, in my own image, and they are not bound to love, they are not forced to love as I have loved them. But, God says, that is what I want them to do because of their own will and because of their own love.

They are capable of great things, God says. I proved that when my own Son became one of them and lived completely as one of them. He showed them, God says, my son Jesus showed them that they are capable of a great love that truly reflects the love that I have for them. He showed them that they are capable of growing in love and becoming what I so much want them to become.. a true reflection of my love for them.

I know, God says, that this is the only way that they shall come to know their own greatness. This is the only way that they shall come to know who they really can be. I know, God says, that this is the only way that they can really come to know me who loves them so very much!

For so many of their early years I watched them struggle with such an imperfect understanding of my love for them. I , who have created the universe and all of its millions of stars and all of the wonders of the universe, and all of the wonders of this planet, I, God, watched them as they wanted more than my love for them. They did not understand that my love was everything. They turned from me, God says. They turned from me and they lost the knowledge that would bring them true greatness. I watched them struggle for centuries. I sent them prophets, I sent them my messengers. I sent them great blessings and I sent them great hardships. So much of this was in vain, God says. Even when they turned back to me and came to know my love for them, soon they strayed again.

Then there were a few that I chose to be my special people. I chose some of them to cherish my name and to know my special kindness so that they could come again to know the fullness of my love in the person of my own Son who would come to them and from them in due time.

They were my chosen people. But they thought I was theirs, instead of knowing that they were mine. How foolish these creatures of mine are, God says. They seem to think that if I love them, I can love no other. They know true love, but they think it is limited and unsure as their own love is limited and unsure. That is why I sent them my Son. I wanted them to know that my love was for all of them and I wanted to call them to imitate this love. I wanted to show them again what I had called them to. I, God says, wanted to call them again to the greatness that I placed in each of them and in all of them together. They listened to my son. Some of them listened to my Son, but they struggled with his message and with his example.

Eventually they came to call themselves Christians, these people who had heard my Son. I was so pleased, God says. I was so pleased that they had heard my son and with the help of our Spirit, that these creatures in whom I took so much pride, that these creatures began to follow the example of my Son and to love one another.

But they are a strong willed people, God says. I know they are a strong-willed people, for I made them that way, God says. How could they be capable of the greatness of my love if they were a weak-willed people? God says. Of course they are a strong-willed people. I made them that way. But they persist in using that strong will to make decisions that move them away from the love I have. They persist in using that strong will to move away from the example of my son and away from the influence of the Spirit I have sent to be with them.

My message did spread though, God says. My message of love and the greatness I had called them to in that love, that message did spread. But so soon that strong will of theirs led them to limit the love I had given them. So soon they began to push out those who did not think and act exactly like them. So soon they began to reject and expel rather than to welcome and hold to their hearts those who were different. So soon they began to think that my love was as limited as their hearts. They began to think that there was only one way to pray to me their God. They began to think that their laws and their decrees could limit the love my Spirit was pouring into the land and into the hearts of all of my people. They began to act as if my Son had not come to them. They began to act again, as if they were an exclusive people just as they had thought before my son came to them. When my Son came, my beloved son came to them, and told them that my love was greater than their imaginations and greater than their places of worship and greater than the nation to which they belonged, they took my Son and they killed him. They did not want to hear this message. They wanted me to be a petty God who could love only them alone and who would side with them against all the others.

But I am not a petty God, God says. I am love and I have great love that cannot be held by one person or by one people. My love is for all and calls all. But they persist in treating each other as if I belonged exclusively to each group alone. How foolish... how contrary to the message my Son brought them nearly two thousand years ago.

Now that I mention it, God says, it was two thousand years ago that my Son came to bring them the good news that I loved all of them as the Father that I am. My son came to tell them,... no , I take that back... my son came to show them that they did not have to earn my love, that they could not earn my love, but that I poured it out for all of them as freely as the blood and water poured from the side of my son.

Some of my creatures say that since I am God that I cannot feel pain and sadness and disappointment, that my eternal being is unchanging and incapable of such experiences. I let them think that in their foolishness, it is of no great concern to me what they think. But, God says, I am really a father, and I am the first father and the most complete father, and a father can feel great pain and sorrow at the pain and sorrow of his son. When my son died for their sins and for their stupid ness and for their narrowness and for their refusal to see and accept my love that I sent in the person of my only son, when my son died such a horrible death for them, the father that I am knew great pain and great sorrow. They did not seem to understand that I bore this sorrow and my son bore this sorrow because it was necessary for them to really come to see the vastness, the immensity of my love for them.

And now, and now, God says, they seem to think that I am again a petty and exclusive God. They seem to think that I am their private possession and that they can claim my love just for themselves.

I want to tell them that my love is greater than their rules and their forms of worship. My love is greater than their denominations and greater than their sacraments. Let me tell you about the sacraments, God says. They argue about how many sacraments there are!! Can you imagine this. .they argue about how many ways I can come to them in my love. They cannot count the number of ways in which I come to them in my love. Instead of trying to count the ways and instead of trying to limit the ways I come to them in my love, they should just break out in a joyful dance that my love knows no such boundaries and that my spirit finds so many ways to come to them. Oh yes, God says, let them celebrate the Sacraments. They should be celebrated. It is most proper, God says, that they should be celebrated, because they are paths of my love for them and paths by which they can come to know me. But let them not think that these are the only ways in which they can come to know me.

And the sacred scriptures which they hold up, and the sacred scriptures which they sometimes hold up as a weapon against others. Let us consider these scriptures for a moment or two. You have a moment or two, do you not? Yes you do, after all, I have given those moments to you, so bear with me for a few moments, God says. Those scripture are my word to my people. Those scriptures are the written version of my words to them. My Son was my total word to them, and sometimes the way they look at my scriptures, sometimes the way they interpret those scriptures, you would think that they would rather argue about my words than to be open to them and to let them be a channel for my spirit to enter into their minds and hearts. They forget that those scriptures are not the only way that I choose to speak to my people. They forget that my spirit speaks to each of them and enters their hearts while they sleep and while they dream, and while they are awake. I encourage them to read my word in those books that they call the bible. I encourage it. It is a great thing for them to read and to study my word in the bible. I recommend it most highly.

But while they read and study my scriptures, God says, I do not want them to close their hearts to what my spirit calls them to in the silent whispers of my love in their hearts. I want my word in those scriptures to open their minds and their hearts so that can see me and hear me and know my call to them each and every moment of their lives. I want them to read my scriptures and to find there the seeds of my love. Then I will plant those seeds in their minds and in their hearts. That is why I gave them these scriptures and this book they call the bible. I did not, I repeat, God says, I did not give it to them to be a source of division.

I know these creatures so well, God says. Have you forgotten? Have you forgotten that I made them and that I know them so well? Oh yes, I made them, and I know them, God says. I know how they love to create rules that give them the false assurance of control. They love to make rules and prescribe what my people must believe about me and about my love for them. I do not mind that they make rules. They seem to find some comfort in making rules to regulate their lives and the communities they form. I do not mind that they make rules, God says, but I do mind very much if they make rules that drive people away from my love. I mind very much if they make rules that give the impression that my great love is restricted by their rules. I remind them, that those rules are their rules, and govern them only if they choose to have them govern them. But their rules can never control the love I have for all of my people. Their rules can never deny the purpose for which my son came among them. Their rules can never deny that my son died for all of them, and that his death has freed all of them from sin and from death, and that the blood and the water that flowed from his pierced side baptized all of them as my sons and daughters. It is the blood and the water and the love that flowed from my son which has earned for all of them, God says, which has earned for all of you, the fullness of my love and the full forgiveness of all your petty sins and all your great sins alike. Do not make your institutions and your rules an obstacle for any of my people to know and understand the greatness to which my love calls each of the m.. Make your institutions and make your rules, if you must have them at all, make them instruments by which people are led to the greatness of my love for them. And let them remember that my Son came to set them an example. Let them remember that my Son created no institutions and that my son only commanded them to love one another as he had loved them.

You are my people, God says. You are my creatures God says, and I know you well. I know each of you sitting here in the church of St. Michael. I know each of your small and each of your great secrets, the secrets that you harbour in the silence of your hearts. I know you very well, I am your God and you are my people, so I know you well. I want to tell you again, my precious people, that if any one of you was the only one creature in all time that did not know how much I love you, If any one of you was the only creature ever to need my help to be forgiven and to know your greatness, that I would have sent my son just for you. I want you to know that deep within your hearts my people here at St. Michael. I want for you to know this love I have for you. I am calling to you in this love I have for you. I am calling to you tonight to know in the utter depths of your heart that I love you and that I have this same almighty love for each and every one of your brothers and sisters. I call all of you to know me, and I call all of you to know each other as my sons and daughters and to know each other as brothers and sisters of my love.

If you have heard my words to you this evening, God says, if you have heard my words to you this evening in your minds and in your hearts, then you understand the unity to which I have called all of my sons and daughters. And if you have heard my words, you will be called forth today and every day of your lives, to create the unity in love that I wish for all of my people. If you have heard my word, you will never again be able to look on a brother or sister and see a stranger. You will always see the face of my Son where before you saw a stranger. If you have heard my words this evening, you will be ready to follow the urging of my spirit working within your hearts and within your community that coaxes, that pushes, that commands you to reach out in respect, in reverence and in love to all the brothers and sisters from whom you have been estranged for so many years and so many centuries. If you have heard my words this evening, God says, I will bless you and I will be with you in this third millennium after the birth of my son. I trust you my people here at St. Michael, God says. I trust you to open your hearts and to open your hearts in this preparation for the next millennium. I trust you, God says, to know that you are all my people. I trust you to know that while my ways are not your ways, I am always with you, even to the end of all time. I AM.



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