"Hoop Boy" has become an alternate name for Gerald.  The Dakota name he was given is Candesna Cun Wakan Oksina, or in English, Sacred Tree Sacred Hoop Boy.  "Sacred Tree" refers to the symbol for all of the teachings about living life on the Red Path  and for the Sacred Tree that is planted in the middle of the Sundance Lodge.  "Sacred Hoop" is another term for Medicine Wheel, and the symbol of our life with the Sacred.

   I am presenting the links to sections that deal with parts of my private spiritual journey .  I have been asked why I choose to present such personal reflections on the www.  The only answer I have is that I have received  a great deal of support for and insight into my own spiritual journey by the comments and writings of other men and women from the present age and from centuries past.  If they had withheld their  insights my own journey would have been  more restricted and narrow.  I believe I have come to know the presence of my Creator / God in my life in many ways, and that has brought joy to my life.  The word "gospel" means "good news", and Christians are commanded to proclaim it.  How can one keep good news hidden and behind locked and closed doors?  In past times people wrote books or essays or spoke to assemblies or to groups of friends about what they had come to understand about their relationship to God. Today the www is one of our primary vehicles of expression and communication.  There is enough that is profane and ugly out there.  Surely there should be a bit of space for a glimpse of what is wonderful.

(The Term "Hoop Boy" was coined by a friend at the end of the naming ceremony when he quipped; "I guess we can call you 'Hoop Boy' now.")